The LAUNCH of my Brows & Business Diary!!

🥂 Champagne weeks, new levels, new devils. 

Each month I always have goals that I celebrate whether they are big or small but with growth comes with new challenges to overcome. I’m giving you an insight into my business journey, sharing my lessons along the way that will hopefully help you too inside your business. 


Week 1 - This week I took 20 strategy calls with 20 different lash & brow businesses. Im noticing similar struggles that salon business owners are having regarding branding, marketing & productivity. This is one of the reasons why I launched my mentorship program at the beginning of the year to help support businesses through these areas.


Week 2 - This week I did 2 podcast Interviews. My top 4 reasons why I do podcast Interviews, I will keep it short and sweet but seriously there is a ridiculous amount of reasons why you should do podcasts interviews! 

  1. It helps build authority
  2. It helps with brand awareness
  3. Your able to reach a wider audience to advertise your product’s & services
  4. It allows you to leverage off other people’s audiences 


Week 3 - Every week is a busy week for me but this was especially busy! We booked our flights to the UK, flying out in March for business and to celebrate my beautiful son Malakai, his 2nd birthday! 

I also spent most of the week building out the webinar collab (I’m collaborating with Anastasia Biskopchuk, showcasing mine and Anastasias Henna & shaping techniques) web pages, student portal, marketing plan and so much more needed to be built and planned. Finally on Sunday I finished the week off with a VERY important strategy meeting, we decided to hold the meeting around the pool in one of Dubai’s beautiful hotels. We were finalizing our presentation for a board meeting next week with a potential distributor, this potential distributor would be distributing my Brow Cosmetics across UAE, Saudi, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar. This is a HUGE deal if I am able to secure it!! 


Week 4 - This week I’ve been training my VA (Virtual Assistant) in new systems and strategies that I am implementing into my business. Every week, Mon - Fri I have a 4 hour meeting with my mum Karen who also helps me run BBA. She’s based in Australia and I’m in Dubai so we only have a small window because of the time difference to get as much work done as possible. 

I’m sure your all wondering how the board meeting went regarding the potential Distributer… THEY SIGNED US aagghhhh!! I literally came off the meeting called my family and cried!! All the years of sacrifices, long hours but most importantly building my business from the ground up with the right, branding strategies, marketing strategies, perseverance and consistency! With all of that I finally kicked one of my biggest goals I’ve ever had! I’m excited to continue to share this new journey with you all!! 


💪🏽 This months growth 

I’m so happy I’ve finally signed back up with a PT and been regularly doing workout sessions with him every week. I can’t begin to describe how much better I feel when I get back into a consistent workout routine. I find myself less stressed, eating and sleeping better! WIN WIN 🙌🏽 The main reason I choose to have a PT is for accountability, those that are interested my PT (Joe) actually offers online training. His Instagram: @joecottonn


📈 This months lesson

In 2023 humanising your brand is more important than ever before!! You can learn how to do this inside my mentorship program. I only accept certain applicants, if you would like to be considered to be apart of my mentorship program, click the link to schedule in a strategy call:


🤍 What I’m loving this month 

📲 Tech: I’m loving the Click up App, it’s a project management software. 

🎙️Podcast: The Waxing Podcast hosted by Kirsten Goetzelman. You can also listen to my Interview: Building your dream life as an esthetician.

🛒 Product: For the past 6 months I’ve been using Feniu Skin care products and I’m obsessed! My skin hasn’t felt this hydrated in years!! 

Brow Artist Inspo: I am so proud of how far Zoe from Lust brow Academy has come! Her drive and passion for our industry definitely had me inspired this month!!