5 Step Luxe Edition Brow Lamination Kit


Lamination kits include: 

Step 1  Cleanser 5ml 

The Cleanser is designed to reduce oil and makeup residue, in preparation before applying brow Lamination solutions. 

Step 2 Barrier Balm 5ml

Apply the barrier balm around the brows to protect the skin, prior to starting the lamination process.

Step 3 Lifting Solution 5ml

This first solution opens the cuticle cells which relaxes the hairs, ready to brush in an upwards motion to create that full fluffy brow look. 

Step 4 Locking Solution 5ml

Once you have placed the hair in the desired direction. The locking solution will close the bonds of the hair, setting them in the shape you have created.

Step 5 Keratin Nourishing Oil 5ml 
Our Nourishing keratin treatment will Help the newly shaped bonds to set and add moister back into the hair & skin. Once the treatment is complete, we advise to avoid any contact with water or makeup for the first 24 hours.

 Tool box includes 

  • Flocked wands
  • Micro swabs
  • Spoolie Brushes
  • Cling wrap
  • BONUS BBA Silicon tint brush 

Processing times for step 3 & 4:

Thin - 3-5 Minutes
Medium - 5-10 Minutes
Coarse - 10-15 Minutes

(Kit Includes Product for up to 10 x Treatments.)

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